From the beginning, the sworn translation (official / certified), as its name suggests, is part of a translation of a document of any kind. It must be legally valid, recognised and acceptable by public or private organisations. For this, it is essential that it be done by a translator accredited by the "Language Interpretation Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs" with the ability to certify the fidelity and accuracy of what is embodied in the document. This accreditation is done through a seal with your registration data and your original signature, this makes it different from any other person with knowledge and ability to translate into and from the required language.

It is always recommended to send us the original documents, in order to make a real estimate and to be able to offer you the most favourable option.

We translate into all official languages, in any combination (Spanish - Language or Language - Spanish). If the translation you need is from and to languages other than Spanish, we will also manage it, such as a direct translation in the country that needs it as well as doing a bridge translation (original language - Spanish / Spanish - target language)

No, we can translate based on a digital version of the original document. It must be of sufficient quality so that its entire contents (including stamps and seals) are completely legible.

It is a certification attached to the document to legitimise its validity for use in foreign countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention. By means of a seal or stamp which gives it full recognition and validity outside its country of origin.

We must have the original documents in physical format after the apostille can be attached and know the country where you need to use it. The process is fast, it takes 1 to 2 business days depending on whether the certificate is required.

Yes, if it is a Spanish document, it must first be apostilled and the complete translation includes the apostille. If it is a foreign document, it must be apostilled and the document and apostille will translated. Depending on the requirement, the previous translation certified with the original document can be apostilled.