About us

We are a company located in South Tenerife, Canary Islands. We take care of the translation of legal, financial, accounting, academic, medical, corporate and any other documents you may need.

Our translations are carried out by professionals certified by the authorities for full legal validity. Translations are done from and into any language. In addition, we offer apostille services frequently requested to validate the information in documents and on-site and online interpreting. At ElbaTrad we do it for you!

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We Understand What's Important to You

We understand the importance of your order, we know that it is part of another set of things you need to achieve what you are looking for, that's why we work tirelessly to offer efficient solutions tailored to your particular needs, always framed to provide the best customer experience.

Trust in Us

We are part of a solid group of companies located in Adeje in the south of Tenerife, which operates in various fields such as real estate, finance and others. We have the experience, the infrastructure and a highly qualified team that support the high quality and excellent results in all the services we offer.
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